Cannabis adds wellness
StepLadder helps Cannabis brands forge new and expanded distribution channels. Our technology automates that distribution.

SAVVY NATURALS – Food for Your Skin!

At Saavy Naturals we only use 100% natural, food-grade ingredients in each of our products. 

Fun fact: Your skin is your body’s largest organ. This means that anything you put on your body is absorbed and goes into your body. So feed your skin with the nourishing ingredients it needs. 

We are very proud of each and every one of our handcrafted soaps, creams, scrubs, and our entire range of exquisite body care products. We have spent years perfecting them (actually more like a lifetime or two). We are deeply passionate about what we do and our commitment to making the safest, most luxuriously sensual and high quality body care products on the planet. Pretty tall order, right? 



Legalization + regulation = distribution + automation

Enter CannaHQ. Our fully-automated platform connects brands to distributors to test labs to dispensaries to the consumer. Everything in one place in the palm of your hand. CannaHQ partnered early with one of the US most successful dispensary chains as well as the leading US distributor. Our  winning formula of building alongside key components of the value chain is being deployed once again in the burgeoning Cannabis industry.

CannaHQ – getting it right from the outset


A sports recovery blend from stepladder beverage 

The anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD are now well-documented. Our formulation is a delicious and hydrating blend of  electrolytes, vitamins and minerals and is infused with CBD (non THC) so that you can perform at your best and recover like a champion.

Drink RecoverC before during and after your workout, practice or big game to stay hydrated and fresh. 

Recoverc – Add a little “C” to be your best!


WHEN LIFESTYLE MATTERS! Pioneering Brands of the Future. 

CannHealth Group Limited develops, produces, markets and exports first of their kind Legal Hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD) products in legal markets around the globe.

With a strategic key focus on innovation and first to market trends, the company’s vision is to develop brands of the future, which will become part of mainstream culture and household names.

At its core, CannHealth strives to develop new lifestyle focused brands that will bring much needed originality to the Legal Hemp market in the USA & Australia.

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